• "Once again ... you never cease to amaze me :)))

"Thank you for the mediumship reading on my papa for my Mom. My mom is going to love it ... it is so powerful and true, everything.

"My papa was a farmer and he did truly love animals and nature and horseracing. My mom does have high blood pressure and worries herself sick over everything.

"Thank you so much. Much love and light.


– Stacey B., Waubaushene, Ontario

• "Sheila has an incredibly rare gift. I have relied on Sheila’s translations to bridge communication with my animals and because of this, have a deeper understanding of my animals.

"Sheila has immense respect for the animals and their owners. She has a way of welcoming you into the world of language our animals live in that is truly unbelievable until one sees it first hand.

Megan Lane and Caravella

"I have used Sheila’s services on multiple occasions and found them to be the linchpin to understanding behavioural challenges in my horses, or to help prepare them for future travels.

"Sheila worked with my horse, Caravella, to make sure she was in top shape for the 2016 Olympics. I continuously reach out to Sheila whenever I feel necessary to both physically and mentally prepare myself and my horse for competition and/or day to day matters.

"You will be amazed at her accuracy, intuition and the depth of her natural talent. Her readings have fostered an ever greater respect, understanding and connection. I hold each and every reading she has done for me close to my heart and will cherish them for the rest of my life."

– Megan Lane

• "Hi, Sheila,

"I can not begin to express my gratitude for you and your ability to communicate with my Joy.

"I've read over the reading again and again, and I am amazed at how much her personality shines through. The information will continue to help us strengthen our bond and connection.

"So many things were spot on, and the insight into her current state of health and conditions I need to watch for in future is immeasurably valuable. And yes, I will look for and buy the toy she requested! :-)

"The most amazing point is she mentioned something red and white I had for her and she is anxiously waiting for me to give it to her — I could not figure this out and passed it over as a stab in the dark as we are close to Christmas (no disrespect meant ... just human nature to question?).


"This morning, as soon as I awoke, I remembered that there is a bone in the freezer for her that is wrapped in ... a red and white plastic bag!!! She was with me when I bought it, saw me put it away, and I guess I had better take it out and hand it over!!! I am blown away!

"Thank you so very much! I aim to fulfill her every wish that she mentioned, and I am so pleased she is happy.

"Kind regards,"

– Dee-Anne Benson

• "No words can even begin to describe our unforgettable experience with Sheila.

"I contacted Sheila shortly after the death of our beloved dog Montana. It was indeed the darkest days of my life after he crossed the rainbow bridge and my heart was shattered. I was searching for answers and peace to deal with my devastating situation and Sheila provided me with that and more.

"From the email correspondence prior to our session with Sheila, I knew she was special. Her softness in approaching my heartbreak was comforting and when we met in person there was no difference. My family and I received the solace and peace we so needed in order to carry on.


"Sheila was able to tell us things about Montana and his personality that still has us in awe. Specific details that only he and our family would know. From his issues with his ears to his little mannerisms that made him so very special to us.

"Sheila knew that Montana came into our lives when we so desperately needed a reason to smile and laugh, and that is exactly what Montana did for us every day of his life.

"Sheila is a gentle, compassionate individual who possesses such a special gift and selflessly chooses to share it with those in need. I am so very humbled to have met you Sheila, and I will definitely be visiting you again in the future to contact Montana again and to help cope with my pain. My family and I cannot thank you enough. We highly recommend you to all we come across.

"We miss you every day my little tanny face, and whenever I see a heart I am reminded of our unconditional, undying love for one another.

"RIP fur angel — July 3rd, 2004 - May 5th, 2016"

– Yaz C., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

• "Laila was a street dog in Cozumel Mexico. She was taken to the Humane Society in Mexico where she was then flown to Toronto by Save Me Rescue Organization.

"Laila was in foster care for a month before I was fortunate enough to adopt her.

"Sheila not only told me that Laila had a rough start on the streets, she also told me that Laila came to Canada with a little white shaggy dog. So I contacted Save Me Rescue, and they confirmed Laila came to Canada with a white shaggy dog.

"Laila also revealed that her foster had 4 white dogs, which was also true. There is no way Sheila could have known those facts. She is the real deal, she does talk with animals, and our animals do have feelings, comprehension, memories.

"Sheila confirmed what we animal lovers have always felt. She gave me proof!

"Thank you, Sheila, for helping me communicate better with Laila. Our bond has grown with your reading!

"PS: Sheila also communicated with 3 of our dogs that passed away. Words can't express how comforted I was by their message!"

– Chris Zim, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

• "Hi Sheila:

"Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate you contacting Ginger for us. It was a very intensive, uncanny, sometimes moving experience.

"We are relieved to now know the probable cause of her demise and wonder if, had we known, it could have been treated and she would be with us today. As you could probably feel the love we had for Ginger, you can understand why we pursued to contact her when given your name and nature of your ability. I found this truly festinating and would likely want to do it again down the road.

"We are happy that she is at peace and with us in spirit.

Ginger and Dixie

"Again, thank you ever so much for your time, patience and information revealed through your contact to Ginger. She was the most beautiful, loving, affectionate cat I/we have ever had. We miss her so very much.

"Warmest Regards,"

– Mike & Marg, Ontario, Canada

• "Hi Sheila,

"It was a great pleasure to have met you in person. Such a powerful human being in a very delicate container.

"Thank you very much for your kindness, caring, appreciation and extremely useful information that you genuinely shared with us during the weekend animal communication workshop.

"I feel that I'm starting to assemble 'my puzzle'... putting the pieces together where they truly belong. For me, it was a very moving and emotional experience and, as in therapy or coaching, major changes happen afterwards.

"I feel something is reorganizing inside me only for the best to come. I'm ready and willing to start this path.

"Thank you,"

– Sonia Pena, Toronto, Canada

• "Wow Sheila!!! That’s an incredible level of skill that you have! What a gift you’ve given us!!! Thank you!!!

"I’ll speak to his vet about his health issues. I’ll also start warming his food/water a little bit so it’s not so cold, and I gave him some raw honey to help soothe his throat until we can (hopefully) get that looked at. He’s had several surgeries in the past couple of years, so it’s possible that there’s been damage from being intubated.

"This is all very interesting, and most certainly my Toby!!! The only thing that doesn’t fit with him is the blue blanket – he doesn’t have one of those, but Shawn does keep his clothes in the office, and Toby often lies on them, and they are all blue.

"Thanks again!!! You brought me to tears with the stuff about his Daddy and the ‘face snuggles’ - I just can’t believe that he’d tell you about that. As you know now, we love our boy very very much!"

– Erica Garven, CPDT-KA, Ontario, Canada

• "Sheila,

"It is not a stretch to say to you that I will be forever grateful that you came into our lives. You possess a gift, a true and pure ability, and the fact that you were willing to share that gift with fellow believers is a miracle.

"You were able to communicate with both my girls, Izzie and Misa, and your readings were completely accurate and heartfelt communications from my babies.

"Without your knowledge and expertise I would still be talking to my babies without knowing if they even understood me. But now I know they hear me and understand me speaking to them.

"I can't say enough about your gift and ability to touch me at my core, in my soul. And for that matter your ability to reach into my girls' soul and bring it out to be shared with me.

"I am eager to attend one of your workshops in the future to better learn how to hear my girls myself, but I more look forward to regular sessions with you to ensure that I am making my girls the happiest and healthiest that they can be.

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being you and sharing it with the world.

"Thanks Bunches,"

– Julie H.

• "I would like to thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into helping everyone learn your amazing ability. You truly have a great gift and passion to teach."

– Susanne S., Barrie, Ontario

• "I feel like I heard what my Sammy needed to say. I just miss him. I wasn't with him when he passed and I guess I feel guilty about that.

RIP Sammy. May your angel wings flutter in joy

"I work at a veterans' nursing home and he would come to work with me. Oh, how they loved him.

"It rang true that he is now with someone associated with the military. Also I used to have a greyhound named apple pie (Sammy mentioned "apple pie" being very important). Sammy never met her but now maybe he is with her.

"I thank you again. I have 5 other dogs that I am sure I will need your help with someday. You are truly a blessing."

– Melanie Squire, Colorado

• "Thank you so much for this reading. I am a little shocked and at the same time completely not surprised at all as it is so ridiculously Thor. I did give him a little maple syrup today. He enjoyed it immensely.

"Thor is a dog of a million expressions and people always comment on how human-like he is with them and I often complain (not in a bad way!) about how I swear he can read my mind. He does love having eggs added to his dinner and I often talk about getting a couple chickens. Right now he manages rabbits. So it's nice to know he would be on board with that.

"The white-haired man in a beige bomber jacket is actually a little scary as it sounds remarkably like my grandfather who passed away a long time before Thor was even born."

– Devon Ward

• Mica"Words cannot describe how thankful I am that you are able to provide me with such valuable information. Once again, I was blown away with what my horse mentioned to you … with no doubt in my mind that every word was coming from her.

"Throughout the years, and multiple communications, you have helped to strengthen my relationship with her. Just when I thought it wasn't possible, your communications made me fall more in love with Mica.

"Thank you so much Sheila! You truly are talented and I will be forever grateful!"

– Brittney, New York

• "Lexis was Dog of The Day. She is so proud of the new all blinged out birthday collar that she got.Lexis

"During her reading, she told you she wanted a collar with shiny stones all the way around and something–a stone–hanging from the bottom. I looked everywhere and finally found what she described.

"It was too big and they don't stock anymore, so I bought it, and had it cut and remade to fit after this picture taken. She sure doesn't look 11 years old or paralyzed with multiple health problems. She is so happy and proud to wear her new collar. She looks half her age.

"Thank you Sheila."

– Nancy Brouillard, Ontario

• "Dear Sheila, I thought I'd send you a quick update about Cash.

"He's doing amazing. I'm so proud of him!

"Our dog trainer and vet said he looks fit and has put on muscle weight too. All in all, he's a different, healthier dog.

"Thank you so much for doing a reading for me. I always am moved to tears but I adore hearing what my dogs have to say. In our last reading, you mentioned that cash likes a red checkered dog bed which is way too small for him but he loves it. We pulled it out and he laid on it straight away. I love that these readings can make their lives better and they get what they want/need. Thank you for that!Cash Enjoying His Bed

"I have attached a picture of cash enjoying his bed so you also can see what he was talking about."

– Jessamine D. Hong Kong

• "When you spoke with one of my horses last fall, he mentioned that there was a man who wears a green jacket that was around him. He said that the man had a heart condition and needed oxygen. Even though this man is not an overt 'believer' in things of the spirit, I felt obliged to tell him what my horse had said. The man just laughed and said he did not have a heart condition.

"Yesterday, this same man was rushed to hospital as he could not get enough oxygen and his heart was compromised. We found out he has always had an issue with his heart but he just didn't know it. If he had acted on what my horse had said, he would probably be fine. Now...we're not so sure. Thought you should know how amazing our animals are, and how amazing you are to translate for them."

– M.R., Ontario Canada

• "Dear Sheila,

"In late December of 2011, you did a reading with one of my cats, Honey. There were things in that reading that only someone living with me would know and, since I am the only human in this household, there is no doubt that the information came from Honey.

"Almost a year later, in early December of 2012, Honey was diagnosed with untreatable abdominal cancer and she passed over 2 weeks later, in my arms, at home. Her diagnosis came as a complete shock, as her check-up with her specialist just 3 months earlier showed nothing suggestive of such a dire diagnosis.

"Looking back at her December 2011 reading, I realized that Honey had likely identified the beginning stages of her cancer, as she mentioned that she had a bit of fluid in her abdomen and she said 'this may be an issue going forward but it's okay now.'

"Shortly before Honey passed over, you connected with her and confirmed what I already knew: that Honey was ready to begin her life in spirit.

"Just hours after Honey passed over, you wrote to me to let me know that "her spirit is flying around peacefully" and that you could "feel her smiling." As broken-hearted as I was to lose my girl, that message brought me so much comfort and peace.

"Yesterday, you did another reading with Honey. Once again, there were things in that reading that convinced me that you had undoubtedly connected with my little Honey-girl. You passed along information that only a member of this household would know and I am still the only human.

"Despite being such a little girl, Honey's passing has left a huge hole in my heart and my home seems so empty and quiet without her. Nevertheless, your readings have eased some of my heartache, as I know that Honey is happy where she is and no longer sick.

"Thank you so much."

– R. Reynolds, Ontario

• "Hi Sheila,

"I'm not sure really what to say. That was amazing. A couple of things I'm not sure what he is referring to, but mostly I know exactly what he is talking about.

"There's a park behind my apartment where I used to walk him. You can see it from my window. The thing that looks like a shed are actually bathrooms, but the blue roof is very visible from above through my window. I often think of him when I look out that window.

"The thing that surprised me was how aware he is of things that I wouldn't have thought concerned him. The faucets in the kitchen and bathroom both leak, but it's the toilet I have to keep fiddling with to keep working.

"I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you really had to know him to appreciate how tough he was. I still can't believe I didn't realize how sick he was, but it wasn't until the very end that he started to show visible signs. When he says he lived bravely, that's the understatement of a lifetime.

"He is also understating it when he says he had a bit of an attitude and was a bit bossy. He was very bossy, but I thought it was funny. It always made me laugh.

"Thanks again so much. I'm glad he is well. Nobody deserves it more. He made me so happy.


– Mark, BC

• "Where do I start? Words will always come up short trying to describe the gratitude I feel towards Sheila. A simple session trying to communicate with my dog to help his illness turned out to be his plan to help me heal myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. This was a difficult path for me to take because I was afraid, and because I was afraid, I had been skeptical of the process. But I did it out of love for my dog because it was the only path that would allow him to heal.

"After 6 months of working with Sheila, I am a completely different person. My family and friends have even commented on the changes in me. My dog is now healthy and I am not ruled by fear like I have been in the past. I now understand that much of my fear has been triggered by past lives, which in turn has helped me focus on my life’s lessons and karmic debt. And there is nothing more satisfying than paying back karmic debt!!

"I feel at peace with myself, thanks to Sheila, and I know it will only get better. Nothing else could have created this depth of transformation and for that I am truly grateful.

I call Sheila my Earth Angel. I can't think of a greater compliment.

– Wanda, Canada

• "I just want to thank Shelia for all the help she has given me. I first met her shortly after my husband died and I had many unanswered questions. Shelia was able to provide the answers I needed and start me on the road to closure.

"Shelia has done readings for me several times since then and I always come away feeling refreshed and reenergized. I have taken some of Shelia's courses and have learned a great deal, plus we always had a good time. Congratulations on the opening of your new business. I look forward to visiting you at the new location."

– Dorothy Irwin Ontario, Canada

• "Sheila Trecartin has helped me to open up and accept my talents. The courses offered by Sheila are well organized, and suited to the level of the participants. The friendly manner of presentation, and knowledge of the subjects make it an inspirational experience. Sheila gives people an understanding of themselves and the tools to use in everyday life experiences.

"I have taken many courses with Sheila , also have done personal sessions in various areas of her expertise. Knowing Sheila is a wonderful fulfillment of many ideas which I now enjoy and understand to a more full degree. Sheila continues to put helping others far ahead of herself. Her personal and group sessions are a wonderful experience.

"Love and Peace,"

– Karen MacPhee, Ontario

• "Shortly after my husband and I moved to the country we met a wonderful couple who became close friends of ours. Dorothy and John (affectionately nicknamed "Jake"). Tradition became that on every Friday night, the four of us would get together at our home and talk about the week gone by.

"Of course that would include some munchies, a glass of wine and Jake's famous Rye and Coke that he brought along in his own glass from home across the road. Jake would head straight to his favourite green wingback chair and place his drink on a low wooden footstool beside that chair.

"Every Friday, he would come knocking with his glass in hand and head for that green wingback chair. Sadly, Jake passed on. We were devastated at the loss of this close friend and mentor. Months passed by and the green wingback chair was placed in a corner in our recreation room.

"Then one day my husband and I had the opportunity of meeting Sheila at Dorothy's home. Sheila had not met us before, nor had she been in our home. We invited Sheila over to take a tour of our home. When we arrived in the recreation room, I was talking to Sheila about our newly finished room that Jake had been instrumental in finishing for us just prior to his passing. I had a real sense that I was talking WAY too much as I noticed I kept losing her attention.

"She politely excused herself and interrupted me by saying, "Who sits in that chair in the corner?" I thought for a moment and said, "No one. It was moved from the main room upstairs a while ago." Sheila said to me that there used to be a low table beside it with a dark drink on it. Now I knew what she meant. Jake kept interrupting her while I was talking saying, "Ask her about the chair. Ask her about the chair." I was amazed and so happy to know that she had that connection with our dear friend."

– John and Lynda Havenaar, Washago, Ontario, Canada

• "I had the pleasure of taking the Animal Communication courses with Sheila and it was her honesty and integrity that drew me to her. She is a woman who lives through her heart and who loves to share her knowledge with others. She is compassionate and caring, and imparts these qualities in all that she does.

"What impressed me so much, was her willingness to work with her students as long as was needed long after the courses were over. She gives her all to everything that she does, and her wisdom and her continuous drive to keep learning and growing on her journey is a benefit to us all. Thank you Sheila for sharing yourself so honestly with all whom you meet!"

– Kristine D. Ontario

• "You know when people say everything happens for a reason and it's all in the right timing and place? That is exactly how I met Sheila Trecartin.

"After losing my precious pet, Christie, a sweet, loveable, shi-poo, of 15 years, I was referred to Sheila Trecartin through a woman on facebook. I went to see Sheila not really knowing what to expect, and what an eye opener she gave me to the spirit world of animals. It was truly an amazing experience.

"She put my mind at ease about Christie, and shared with me some thoughts and inspiration. I found this so very helpful in my healing of my lose and also in the understanding of what she does, and how she makes such a huge difference in peoples lives, especially mine.

"I learned also about Sheila's expertise when it comes to laser and healing and have since been a client now for almost 2 years. I find her sessions to be calming, peaceful, joy filled and exciting all in the same breath. To learn how the body heals itself physically and emotionally is definitely an experience in itself.

"With all her intuitive knowledge, educational background, and outgoing, positive, happy spirit, I have referred many of my clients and friends to Sheila Trecartin and will continue to do so. When someone has such a fabulous gift, it definitely needs to be given away."

– Wendy Ladd, Toronto, Ontario, Opportunity Is Everywhere Inc./Fabulous Fit & Fantastic program

• "First I would like to thank Sheila for bringing balance back into my life. I always find comfort in quotes that relate to my personal experiences and I will share this one that made me think of my experience with Sheila:

"Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength. – August Wilson

"I believe that angels are really here on earth to help us through difficult times…those angels come in many forms – animals and people. Sheila is one such angel who, along with her healing sessions, has helped me through the most difficult challenge of my life. When I felt there was nowhere else to turn to, not even my animals, my friends or my family, I turned to Sheila for support and guidance through her healing abilities.

"I am not going to lie: it has been a very hard time – one of the hardest times. But I feel a sense of peace, a new sense of direction and finally I can talk to and find comfort in my dogs once again.

"Like anything in life, everything takes work to get through. Sheila has provided me with the best means of healing, and I'm feeling stronger day by day. Remember – life is one step at a time, taken day by day - the best we can. Sometimes we need help and through healing sessions I find that I have found my inner peace, but also have found some of the reasons why I am here on this earth.

"Thank you Sheila for helping me dig deep to resurrect my strength that everyone loves me for. Not only have I found peace, but I have found that your kindness, generosities and abilities have helped me realize the friendship that has grown not only on a professional level between us, but your genuine care for people is amazing. I know that when I will need to reach out for more help as time moves forward, Sheila will be there to help.

"Lots of love from me and the Fur Kids!"

– Stav Laloudakis, Newmarket, Ontario

• "I started going to Sheila after the death of my husband. Not only did she help me through the grieving process, but she was instrumental in helping me move forward in my life. Now, I see Sheila once a month so I can continue to move forward and receive guidance throughout my life's journey."

– Ivana, Cookstown, Ontario

•  "Dear Sheila,

"I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me and for sharing your gift. When my adored Doberman, Peyton, passed away so unexpectedly, my shock and grief were so overwhelming that I did not know how to cope. Peyton was my constant companion and best friend. Losing her the way that I did more than broke my heart, it broke everything. Your reading with Peyton was the only thing that gave me some peace. Peyton's reading had so many points that were so like her and contained several key points that only Peyton would know. It was so comforting for me to know that Peyton was happy and at peace.

"The EFT healing that you did with me over the phone gave me some relief from the grief, guilt, anger, and pain that I felt over Peyton' death. I have been doing the tapping you taught me every day and I think that some of my pain is lessening. You have given me the means to continue healing.

"Your help with finding a pet to adopt has also helped me immeasurably. I was not in any shape to make any decisions but due to your insight and reading with Peyton, I was able to make the decision to adopt a cat. I still would not have been able to decide whom to adopt without your help. Due to your communication with some of the shelter cats, I was able to decide on one (or two) cat(s) that I would be right for and that would be right for me.

"After the amazing experiences that I had with you, my friends had you do a reading with their dog who had also passed way recently. Your reading pinpointed their dog's stomach issues, her favorite treat, and her early years before they adopted her. The reading gave my friends the opportunity to reconnect with their pet and know that their decisions about assisting her to cross were right.

"Lastly, Sheila, thank you for your sincere and enormous compassion and empathy. Your wonderful and caring personality, coupled with your incredible gift make you an exceptionally special person and I am so honored to be a client. I could not let just anyone communicate with Peyton, but knowing the type of person you are, I feel very happy and privileged that I have you to communicate with my girl. Thank you!!!!!!!

"Your grateful friend,"

– Jill (MI, U.S.A.)

•  "This [reading] certainly captured his personality. I had to laugh about how Zip he likes to dress up. Had to share this picture. I believe this is the red coat he wanted to wear. I made it for him for his halloween hiker dog costume.

"I understand his barking much better and I'm sorry he feels he's disappointed me. He's my trusty sidekick and the best carriage dog ever. I talked to him and told him that I'm not disappointed in him at all. I think he understood.

"I think we can work around the bark. It is very high pitched and it startles people sometimes but now that I know why he does it, it makes a difference. Steak might be a good compromise.

"Thank you so much for everything. I feel that we can do so much more as a family now that I know and you have confirmed so many things. I will be saving up to have you do a reading on Koda too because I don't want to leave her out. That might be my Christmas present to me."

   - Kelli, Boston

•  "Dear Sheila,

"I just want to thank you for the reading you did for Miss Molly, my french bulldog, several months ago. Since the mere hour we spent on the phone with you, I was able to achieve the responses I wanted from Molly immediately. You have made me aware of her fears, her likes, her dislikes, her physical well being, her desires and disappointments.

"This knowledge has enlightened me, and made my friendship with my little dog that much better. To understand why your animal looks at you a certain way at a certain reoccurring instance, or why they won't eat something, or why they act out of character at times, or how many puppies they are going to have (three... you were right!) for understanding all of these and more is a complete stress relief and blessing.

"Everyday I am with Miss Molly , I realize I am enjoying her even more (didn't think that was possible) largely due to that one reading we had together. Having given many of my friends, and acquaintances your contact information, I know first hand that they were all just as happy of the knowledge they gained from the readings that you had with them.

"Thanks again Sheila!"

   - Shauneen and Miss Molly + babies, Toronto, Canada

•  "You may not remember me but about two years ago I took a course from you (in Arthur, Ontario. My in-laws place). I guess at the time I didn't realized how much of my inner me really opened up, not just to animals, but myself and people. It is one of those things that happen for a reason!!!!! My spiritual journey attracted the tools that I needed at that time to evolve and start finding a more balanced life.

"I can go on and on but in essence I just want to let know the effect that your course and your personality has had on my life. Hope you are doing well.


  - Jorge, Ontario, Canada

•  "Hi Sheila,

"Bless you for your teachings.

"Last Friday I sat quietly reading when a bat started flying around the living room. After some panic remembered your teachings. It had landed on the screen so I went over
and connected.

"When it started to fly again I went into the hall and sent it a picture of the doorway out of the living room. It came out and headed up the stairwell. So I sent another picture of the open front door. It  wheeled right around and flew outside.

"Blessings! and Hugs," 

- Nancy, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

•  "Dear Sheila,

"I am in awe as I read what you sent today. So so so many things are accurate to the point of me being truly breathless!

"When you spoke of my dog, Maxwell, questioning my obsessing with his paws... I have been icing his footpads in the heat we have been experiencing this summer. Also, about six weeks ago he somehow cut his front pad pretty badly. The vet had to bandage it, so I was constantly checking the bandage, then the wound.

"You told me he knows I worry.... I worry about him all the time - wonder if he is happy, although those times are mostly when I have to leave him to go to work. Funny, I always ask his if he knows how well he is loved. And as you said, yes, I am ALWAYS holding him, and cuddling - making sure he feels secure. I am so happy to know he does feel good about us as his new family.

"All the water information was accurate as accurate could be. The two places we brought him to swim this summer were both on a very steep grade to the water. We wanted to take him back, (as you told us he wanted) but he developed a 'hot spot' and the vet said 'no water' for three weeks.

"Clearly the woman with short grey (white) hair Maxwell knows is my mother. (He told you she stresses me, and often lashes out because she is unhappy). My mother is 94 (mind intact) and I have been her primary care giver since my dad died in 2002. She is blind, and very frustrated with her situation. She is often harsh with me, as we all are with the ones we are forced to depend on.

"We rescued Maxwell from TN. From what we hear, his first six months were very sad. I have promised him that from now on, he will live an exceptional life indeed. I was so happy to hear that he is grateful that we were the ones to rescue him!

"In regards to the very specific information you gave me - I am in awe of the accuracy, and the detail. You revealed events that no 'stranger' would ever be aware of.

"You are truly gifted. Thank you again, Sheila.

"Warm thoughts,"

- Linda Ann, Massachusetts

•  "My sweet little cat, Josie, passed away at almost 18 years old. Needless to say I was in deep grief for a long time. Then I learned about Sheila and her work in communicating with animals--even animals who had passed on.

"The reading I received back from Sheila on Josie did not make the grief go away because that's a process, but it did give me so much peace. I knew that my Josie still lived in spirit. I knew that the reading was true and real, because it revealed information that only my cat and I knew, such as special things I said to her, little things that she did, characteristics of her personality. Most importantly, the reading revealed that Josie did indeed know that she was loved and that I missed her.

"A year later, I asked for a 2nd reading and that one also revealed some new comforting information. I have always believed in the afterlife, but it confirmed to me that God did not leave out our beloved pets and that they, too, live on and are happy. What a comfort that is. My heart had literally cracked in two with grief, but as the expression goes, that's how the light gets in. And so much light has come into my heart and my mind because I know that our love and the world we inhabit are so much bigger and more wondrous than we ever imagined.

"Sheila's special gift has made all the difference to me and I now have peace. I still miss my Josie but I know she is ok and that we will see each other again. That has made all the difference.

- Sue Kayser, Columbus-Powell, Ohio

•  "My dog, Max, is a “rescue dog” from a shelter and, as such, he comes with various problems including dog aggression, separation anxiety and various other fears. I adore him and am very attached to him. It was a big step, then, when I made the decision to get a new puppy. I didn't know how Max would react, and I was afraid to bond with the puppy in case it upset him.

"A friend of mine then told me about Sheila and suggested I contact her about my dogs. I am a skeptic about these kinds of things, but tried to keep an open mind. Well, the feedback I received from Sheila was absolutely astounding – it revealed so many things about my dogs, that intuitively I knew, but that Sheila confirmed.

"It has definitely helped me relax around them and I'm not as nervous when they occasionally growl at each other. So many things I thought I had an overactive imagination about have been revealed to me to be true, and have strengthened my relationship with my dogs.

"Thank you, Sheila, for helping me connect with them! Thank you for everything!"

 - Liane, South Africa

•  "I was blown away with the information Sheila provided me over an email reading. My cat had been peeing and pooping all over the house and I was concerned about medical issues. Sheila provided me details as to where my cat was experiencing discomfort, messages of what was concerning my cat, how we could better meet his needs and even provided details about my family members and what concerns he had for them.

"Sheila is incredibly gifted. She has the ability to provide info that can pinpoint medical issues to save money and time on extensive costly testing. With her reading I was able to hone in on testing that was specific to my cat's issues.

"Sheila has enhanced the relationship that I have with my cat, I can better meet his emotional needs, now that I know what they are. My cat even provided me information about my business!! That was wild.

"Thank you so much Sheila for bringing more peace to my family. You are incredible! I will recommend you to everyone I know who has a pet."

 - Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Entertainer, Speaker & Trainer, Ontario, Canada