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*Ask us how you can order an affiliate pet reading from one of our talented associates. Contact us for more information.

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Courses, Workshops and Additional Services

Distance Healing for Pets

Sheila is a registered Reiki Master/Teacher. She offers Reiki healing accompanied by Flower Essences in her healing sessions. Reiki is a hands on and hands above the body energy exchange. It relaxes and calms the body to assist in the body's self healing process. Each session is directed by the needs of your pet. Sessions are one half hour in length. Distance healing can also be done using a photo of your pet.

Session Cost is $75.00.


Distance Healing for People

Distance healing for people is done using Reiki, Intuitive Body Scanning, Holistic Laser Block Removal and various other energetic healing methods. Treatments are done according to your own physical and emotional requirements. Sheila works to understand the imbalances of your body to create homeostasis and peace with in you.

Our bodies hold emotional trauma and core belief blocks based on experience through this lifetime (and sometimes as a carrier forward from a past life experience). Sheila identifies these "blocks" in our well being and works to eliminate them with the permission of the higher self.

Her focus is on gently guiding the body back to balance; therefore, often more then one healing session is required. The number of sessions needed depends on the individual. Focus is placed on ensuring your transition is gentle and does not induce energetic shock.

*energetic shock can occur when the body is placed into a healing mode that is too quick and invasive for the individual.

Cost is $100.00 per session.


Books with Contributions by Sheila Trecartin

Sheila has contributed to a number of non-fiction books, listed below, available to purchase online.

Hearts Linked by Courage

Hearts Linked by Courage, a collection of poignant and insightful stories that will live in your heart forever, is available directly from IC Publishing.


Hearts Linked by Courage

Image courtesy of Sheri Andrunyk, IC Publishing

The following are available through Amazon in Kindle format:

The Ghosts of Hampton Court, Glastonbury & The Tower of London

Synchronicities: The Story of Cherry Valley Farm Spiritual Healing Retreat

Tea Time with Muriel - An End of Life Journey to Joy

Haunted Cookstown

Haunted Cookstown can be ordered in paperback from Amazon.

Summary: It has been determined that several of the buildings in Cookstown, On, Canada are experiencing ghostly phenomena. Cate Crow and Amy Woodcock along with medium Sheila Trecartin expose an interesting cast of spirits who still linger in every corner of this 19th century heritage town. Discover the many ghosts who haunt The Old Chestnut Inn, The South Simcoe Theatre, The Curling Club, The Antique Market along with many other buildings. Meet Mr. Thomas Cooke, the town founder who died in 1875, at his grand manor home on Highway 27. Take a walk down historic Queen, King and Church Streets and find out which former residents continue to occupy their old homes and stores long after they have departed. It is a journey you won’t want to miss.