Sheila offers holistic healing for pets and people in person or via distance. Her area of expertise is energetic and vibrational healing. She works with your energy by positively manipulating it and stimulating its natural healing ability in order to create balance, peace and harmony. Sheila has more than two decades of experience and training. Her abilities are largely natural therefore her work is done mainly by intuition.

All sessions are by pre-booked appointment only.

Please note: All on-line orders are in U.S. funds. Clients of Ultimate Healing Concepts/Sheila Trecartin are global and thus the U.S. dollar is used as a general currency method.

Please call to book your session: 705-291-1100

Sound Therapy

Sheila's, Chakra Sounds CD is available for mp 3 download through CDbaby.com.

Balancing your chakra system through sound. The peaceful tones of the tuning forks will gently guide you through a complete balancing of your chakra system resulting in a feeling of strength within and a oneness with all that is. Two track CD $2.99.

Chakra Sounds

Personalized Sound Therapy CD

Sheila uses her intuition to map out a personalized tuning fork cd just for you.

Tuning forks follow the Pythagorean scale. These tones hold a specific vibration that assists in the facilitation of healing in the body by balancing the chakra system. Sheila works to create a personalized CD of healing sound just for you. She uses her intuition and spiritual guidance to select the appropriate notes that your energetic body requires while focusing on you via your name.

Your personalized CD will be approximately 15 to 25 min. in length.

All you will be required to do when you receive your CD is to sit or lay comfortably, relax, and breath deeply as you listen to the soothing tones of the tuning forks. We suggest that you use your CD once per day for optimum benefits.

Processing time and delivery is 2 to 3 weeks.

Cost - $55.00 (usd) + applicable taxes. *shipping included

* (for international shipping - please contact us prior to ordering).


Introducing New Vibroacoustic Bed Sessions

The vibroacoustic bed is a luxury foam bed that vibrates to specific tones of music in order to induce relaxation and balance within the body. Headphones are placed over your ears, and your eyes are covered, as you enjoy the relaxing and calming effects the bed provides. If you have been feeling off, out of sorts, or overwhelmed then this is an ideal therapy for you.

1/2 hour session: $30. plus hst.

Please contact our office to book. Phone 705-291-1100 or email us.

Distance Healing Sessions For Pets

Distance healing is done in half hour sessions using a photo. Treatments are billed in two session increments. Sheila believes that in order to influence the energy field she must work in two layers. First is an opening and balancing and the second is a deeper healing. This is done so as to not overwhelm the body and send it into energetic shock.

Cost is $75.00.


Distance Healing for People

Distance healing for people is done using Reiki, Intuitive Body Scanning, Holistic Laser Block Removal and various other energetic healing methods. Treatments are done according to your own physical and emotional requirements. Sheila works to understand the imbalances of your body to create homeostasis and peace with in you.

Our bodies hold emotional trauma and core belief blocks based on experience through this lifetime (and sometimes as a carrier forward from a past life experience). Sheila identifies these "blocks" in our well being and works to eliminate them with the permission of the higher self.

Her focus is on gently guiding the body back to balance; therefore, often more then one healing session is required. The number of sessions needed depends on the individual. Focus is placed on ensuring your transition is gentle and does not induce energetic shock.

*energetic shock can occur when the body is placed into a healing mode that is too quick and invasive for the individual.

Cost is $100.00 per session.


*All prices are in USD (Canadian residents please add applicable sales tax)

In-Person Healing Sessions

Sheila offers the following in person healing modalities:

**Do note that almost all of the modalities listed can be applied to pets.

Energy Healing Room
Energy Healing Room

In-Person Reiki - for pets

There is much more to Reiki then meets the eye. Animals are so in tune and so sensitive that they are able to pick up the energies of healing Reiki far easier then we as humans do. They transmute and process the healing energy much quicker.

Sheila works with animals individually to make sure that she does not overwhelm them, but helps to balance their energy in accordance with their specific body needs. Most animal Reiki healing sessions are 10 to 20 min. long.

When working with animals, Sheila uses her intuition to guide her through whatever modality is best for the animal during each session. This means that she may use Reiki for a short time, then holistic laser along with vibrational essences. For pets, healing sessions are billed per time frame, not by modality.

In-person animal healing:

*note: modalities are based on individual needs and requirements of your pet

Modalities may include Reiki, Reflexology, Holistic Laser, Colour Therapy, Acupressure, Pendulum Healing, Crystal Healing, Applied Vibrational Essences and are based on the needs of your pet at the time of the session.

Allergy/Sensitivity Testing:
90 min. $125.00

Elimination of Sensitivities:
1 to 4 per session ~ $40.00

Vibrational Essences:
30 min. evaluation and personal treatment bottle $55.00
*personal treatment bottle refills $25.00 ($22.00 with bottle return)

Intuitive Reiki For People

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a form of hands on and hands above the body energy transference. It is more highly recognized than ever before as an effective treatment for bringing the body into balance (homeostasis).

During a session, the client lays on a massage table while remaining fully clothed. Sheila works through her inner knowing and guidance to place her hand where your body needs energy to be added, removed or altered.

She gently moves through the session providing your body with the treatment required in order for you to reach your perfect balanced state at that moment in time. Each session and every individual's experiences will differ depending on their requirements, life lessons, physical being and journey.

In-Person People Modalities

Reiki/Energy Healing:
30 min. $60.00
60 min. $100.00
*insurance receipts available

30 min. $60.00
60 min. $100.00
*insurance receipts available

Sound Therapy:
30 min. $60.00
60 min. $100.00

Crystal Healing:
30 min. $60.00
60 min. $100.00

Chakra Balancing:
30 min. $60.00
60 min. $100.00

Pendulum Healing:
30 min. $60.00
60 min. $100.00

Colour Therapy (with Reiki)
30 min. $60.00

Traditional Native Feather Healing/Clearing:
30 min. $60.00

Mixed Modality Session:
Experience up to three modalities (from the list above) in a 60 min. session $120.00

Holistic Laser Therapy
focused spray (pain relief)
30 min. $60.00
60 min. $100.00

Emotion/core belief removal:
60 min. $100.00
*includes spiritual guidance

Past Life Regression:
Session runs up to 3 hours $250.00

Vibrational Essences
Bach and Energetic Resolutions:
45 min. *includes evaluation and personal treatment bottle $80.00
*treatment bottle refills $25.00 ($22.00 with bottle return)

Allergy/Sensitivity Testing 120 min. $150.00

Healing Sessions for Children (up to age 12):
30 min. $30.00

*excluding allergy/sensitivity testing