Dream Sharing with Cats


Cats have always been known for their mystical qualities and luring energetics. They are very intelligent and highly aware beings. Their ability to communicate telepathically (to receive and send information via mind waves/thought patterns) is also astounding. During telepathy cats use thoughts in the form of pictures, words, smells, tastes, and feeling sensations to communicate.

This telepathic communication is the strongest when people and their cats share a special connection (a heartfelt bond). Occasionally this bond creates a "soul bond" that opens the two spirits to a subconscious connection. It is in this subconscious state that dream sharing can occur.

During dream sharing a spirit has the ability to view another's dream. There are two types of dream sharing. The first is more of an observation of the otherís dream. In this method one watches the dream much like we would watch a movie.

In the second type it becomes more of an interactive awareness. It is viewing the dream from the catís (or other spiritís) perspective. Many people have expressed looking into their precious felines dreams in this most amazing way.

To experience dream sharing you must be open, energetically balanced and accepting. You must become a clear, energetic channel. If you meditate on a regular basis to clear and balance the body/mind/spirit then you are laying the foundation for dream sharing.

Once you feel energetically balanced then you can begin to strengthen your heart connection with your cat. Focus on your heart centre while focusing on your cat's heart centre. Feel the love, gaze into the eyes and feel the connection.

Next, ask your cat to assist you in joining them in their dream state. It will take practice. Continue to ask for his/her assistance and permission nightly. It should not be too long before you find yourself deep in a wonderful dream, viewing the whimsical sites and perceptions of your cat.