An Animal's Perception of Life and Death


Being an animal communicator I am blessed with the ability to get inside animal's minds and to understand truly how they think. You may be surprised to learn that our pets are far more aware of what is happening in their lives than we give them credit for.

Their awareness bridges far beyond simple things like food and play. Many are aware of the type of work or study their owners are involved in. Some are highly concerned about the emotional well-being and physical health of their people family. All are highly in tune to the love and care, that special bond they share, with those close to them.

In my many encounters with all types of pets I have noted that animals view life as a learning experience. Many of them speak of assisting people in their growth. Others talk about their importance of learning and the value of their contribution to the world.

There is also the conclusion that animals are here as healers, to aid us in mending our physical and emotional bodies. And we thought they were here mainly for our companionship - not so. They play a much more significant role in our lives. Of course it is noted that their love is real and true and always unconditional. This is a huge part of the bond we share with our special animal friends.

Animals understand the cycle of life and death. They do not fear death as we often do. Animals know that the crossing is not final. They understand that it is a vital and necessary step in their journey of evolution and growth.

I am honored to have communicated with many animals who were seriously ill and ready to pass. They all welcome death without fear. All of them express a clear understanding of what will happen to them. All of the animals are oddly at peace and openly accept death. They feel that it is part of the "plan" and the next welcoming step.

All of the pets in spirit who have shared their thoughts with me have but one very real worry. This worry is for their families, the people in their lives that mean so very much to them. It is here where they feel the pain and sorrow connected to the separation. They do not wish to harm or cause pain to their family and they all express a wish for their beloved people to understand that death is not the end.

It is very hard for us to grasp since, to our human world, death is the end; it is final. How different we would feel if we changed our perception of life and death to match that of our pets.

Imagine for a moment that death isn't the end. Imagine it is another realm, a realm where there is a fine veil between worlds. Where two hearts that bond remain connected. Imagine that your beloved pet crosses the rainbow bridge and is free of all physical pain and is whole again. They are free to run and play. Although as humans we must grieve, you may find some comfort in knowing your special pet is not far away, they are watching over you and sending you their love.