Living the Nightmare

Every mother wants for her children the best that can be offered. We want them to be happy, want them to learn, to grow, to experience, to love, and to be healthy. We imagine our children will have all these things and experience all these things and be healthy…BUT what if that isn't what happens?

Read "Living the Nightmare", by Sheila Trecartin. This story was first published in the book Hearts Linked by Courage, by Sheri Andrunyk, a collection of inspiring stories dealing with courage in the face of adversity.

Dream Sharing with Cats

Cats have always been known for their mystical qualities and luring energetics. They are very intelligent and highly aware beings. Their ability to communicate telepathically (to receive and send information via mind waves/thought patterns) is also astounding. During telepathy cats use thoughts in the form of pictures, words, smells, tastes, and feeling sensations to communicate.

Read "Dream Sharing with Cats" by Sheila Trecartin. If you feel the special bond that cat owners share with their cats and would like to improve it, then this article will teach you how to connect with your cat in order to share dreams with him/her.

An Animal's Perception of Life and Death

Being an animal communicator I am blessed with the ability to get inside animal's minds and to understand truly how they think. You may be surprised to learn that our pets are far more aware of what is happening in their lives than we give them credit for.

Read "An Animal's Perception of Life and Death" by Sheila Trecartin to learn how animals feel about life and death.

Sheila with Possum