Animal Readings

Ever wonder if your pet is happy and healthy?

Ever get the impression your pet is trying to tell you something?

What are they really thinking about?

Do they have behavioral issues that need to be addressed?

The answers are just a reading away

Animal Communication

Animal Communication is the energetic connection to an animal by which non-verbal messages are exchanged through thought patterns and feeling sensations. During a session, Sheila connects to the animal energetically through a picture of your pet and receives messages telepathically.

Domino the Bunny
Domino the Bunny (per his request)

Sheila reveals your pet's thoughts, feelings and wishes to you. She also presents you with any physical concerns that the animal chooses to acknowledge. Specific behavior or health concerns will be addressed at your request.

This is a wonderful way to increase the bond you share with your pet. Essentially, Sheila is the communication bridge between you and your pet as she translates the messages for you.

Sheila Talks to a Bird

"As a dog trainer and animal lover, I have always thought about how wonderful it would be if I knew what my animals were thinking and feeling. Since meeting Sheila, I can do just that. I am still blown away by how right on your readings are! Thank you Sheila for sharing your amazing ability with us!"

- Joanne Fleming, renowned dog trainer

Sheila Communicates with a Dog

What Type of Animal Can Be Read?

Any type of animal can be read, as long as they are willing to communicate. Over many years of channeling animal communication,Sheila has worked with all sorts of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, and birds. **She can also communicate with animals that have passed.

•  Book a Reading Online or Email/mail a recent picture of your pet along with your animal's name and gender.

•  If you have specific concerns about your pet, please outline them. This may include behavior problems, health concerns, or specific questions you would like addressed.

•  Note Regarding Missing Pets: Due to the increased demands of our work schedule, and the fact that missing pets are a time-sensitive issue, we are unable to accept missing pet cases at this time.

•  Select a payment method. You may choose to pay online through PayPal, or send a check or money order for $125.00 USD to the address below (Canadian citizens must add applicable sales tax).

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